We Are Hiring: Intern

InBusiness, Inc. is hiring a link building intern full time paying up to $15/hour to start depending on qualifications. This can turn into a career position at a small, fast growing internet marketing firm, where we value our culture and our people. Flexible hours, casual attire, and passion for our work is something that comes standard on the team. This will be a competitive position with many applicants. It will take a lot to stand out so go the extra mile in your application effort. It is not uncommon for members of our team to recruited for much higher paying jobs.

After 6 months, you will know more about SEO, Online marketing, and link building than most so called experts know after 5-6 years. We regularly build small and large businesses up from nothing to rank for nationally competitive terms worth large sums of money. If you are from FullSail, you internet marketing degree is worthless for this position (that does not mean you are worthless).

You will have to work hard, and when you are done working hard, you will have to go home and study harder to get good at your craft. If you provide that effort and commitment to InBusiness, Inc. It will pay off with a rewarding job that will make you happier than all your friends, and eventually make you more money than them. If you are interested in gaining experience with the real hands on tactics that can catapult your career in SEO, InBusiness, Inc. is hiring for an outreach, and link building prospecting intern 30 hours a week. Here is what you will be doing for your first 3 months on a day to day basis:

Month 1 Job Responsibilities:

  • Reading provided materials to have a firm understanding of what tasks you will be doing, and why they must be done. You will be tested.
  • using advanced search queries in Google to find potential link prospects
  • prospecting, and qualifying websites as potential candidates for link building
  • outreach to link prospects using email, Twitter, Linkedin, phone, Facebook
  • using authority metrics such as SEOmoz to value potential outreach candidates

Month 2 job responsibilities:

  • all of month one +
  • creative input on creation on linkbait pieces (explained in during your internship)
  • you will learn 5 extremely powerful SEO tactics that only top experts utilize in the SEO field. You will be using them on a daily basis. Something almost no else can say they have experience in.
  • local seo techniques

Month 3 Job responsibilities:

  • all of month two+
  • advanced training in Google analytics & how to use it to gain insight into conversion, traffic, and actionable metrics
  • outsourcing for efficiency

Month 4

If you are still working with us….we would rather not tell the competition what we will have you up to 🙂

The ideal candidate for this position will have the following personality traits:

If you don’t know what link building is, that is ok. You will learn. In order to be good at it, you will need to possess certain personality traits. A great link builder has a unique blend of qualities. You have to be the type of person that lives to “close the deal”. The hunt and capture has to excite you. You need some technical chops as well. If you fit these traits, this may be the job for you.

The following traits would embody someone who would be the perfect candidate. If you do not have these traits, it doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be a good link builder, but these would be a good indicator.

  • You are already heavily engaged in early adoption online communities. You keep on top of memes, read Reddit daily, use StumbleUpon, engage on Twitter, and read Hacker News. If not these than something similar. If you read nothing online at the moment this probably isn’t your gig.
  • You don’t mind engaging people with email, twitter, or a phone call.
  • You are great with excel, or if you don’t have the excel skills, you at least didn’t have trouble getting through math in school.
  • You have natural hustle. If you are the type of person where nothing is ever done fast enough, and you hate slacking co-workers, you may be a great link builder.

Technical skills required for this position:

  • Excel
  • Word
  • Advanced knowledge of using the internet
  • Facebook, Twitter, & Youtube are not required but preferred
  • Excellent writing skills (depending on your other qualities we may be able to look around this one)
  • Experience with WordPress would be helpful

to apply, send your resume to david@inbusinessinc.com.  prospective applicants that qualify initial screening will also be given an aptitude test for technical skill, creativity, ingenuity, and if SEO experience if you have it. Google luck, and welcome to the type of job you hoped to get when your parents told you to work hard.

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