We Have The Right Team To Help Your Business

Getting good SEO results is a lot more than flicking a few switches and adding some keywords to your websites pages. It takes a coordinated effort between a laundry list of different factors to be successful. At InBusiness, Inc. we realized that it was easier to get results for clients working as group of experts in different areas, that can provide greater benefit and efficiency as team working together.

The words “Search Engine Optimization” have been drastically over used and have caused some misunderstandings about what it takes get great visibility online through search engines. People often think that there is something wrong with their website and that if it get fixed, there website will become number #1 in Google. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. If it did, everyone would make those fixes and misplace the last website that got optimized. When people say they want “SEO” what they are really saying is that they want better rankings in search engines. It’s true that optimizing your website is important, but it is only the beginning of the game. If you were playing Monopoly, getting you website optimized is a lot like starting on GO at the beginning of the game. There is a lot of work to be done!

Instead of  “Search Engine Optimization”, think of what we do as “Search Engine Implementation”.  It’s search engine implementation because it takes a lot of time and effort to do the work needed to get your website to the top for the competitive search phrases that are going to help your business grow.

Think  Of Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Implementation Like Building A House

Your website is your foundation. If done right, the rest of the job is a lot easier.  We used to not build websites, but we got fed up with how bad the foundations were for our clients houses (websites). We realized that fixing the house without fixing the broken foundation wasn’t helping our clients, so we evolved. InBusiness, Inc. now makes incredible websites that have all the SEO goodness built in that search engines love.

Building websites allows us to give clients everything they need to grow their business using right from the start.  Even if their site doesn’t need all the bells and whistles now, it’s ready for them. Just like a strong  foundation. Every site we build has the knowledge of more than just a graphic designer or programmer. Our knowledge of what makes site build businesses, drives every decision we make. You can be confident your site will do more than be attractive (it will be that too).

No one person does everything

Houses aren’t built by one person (If they are, it takes them a long long time and they have an abnormally gifted set of skills). Houses are built by groups of people that excel at different things. There are laborers, architects, painters, roofers, plumbers, electricians, and countless others. SEO is the same way. It takes a coordinated effort between writers, link builders, analytic specialists, project managers, and community outreach specialists. All of these things a very different skills that are extremely expensive to find in one person. Think about it. Could you imagine how much it would cost if your architect built the entire house by himself? Not only would it be very expensive, but he wouldn’t be nearly as good at roofing as someone who does nothing but roof houses.

InBusiness, Inc. has a team of professionals that work together at what they are best at to get results for our clients.

A Real World Example Of How We Work:

While every campaign is different, here is an example of how we make the whole process come together to achieve results we can be proud of and our clients can take to the bank.

Case Study: Ground Source Landscaping

Ground Source is a local landscaper that already had a website, and already had an SEO expert, but was getting mediocre results. We started a new website from scratch and his business has grown like wildfire in 2010 as of this writing. Here is what we did.

1. Website Construction – We built him a new website on the wordpress content management platform that allowed the business to upload pictures of their jobs, along with summarize of what was done whenever they wanted. The website delivered their message in a clean concise manner, but gave them flexibility to grow by allowing the ability to change website content at will.

2. Market Research – We studied the landscaping market and local geographic market to determine which search terms were driving business to landscapers in the area. From there we devised a plan for how we were going to attack their market.

3. We filled his website with rich informative content that targeted his essential keywords and made his site relevant and attractive in the spidery eyes of the search engines.