Web Copy Primer

One area that many people do not think too much about when they are just starting out with SEO is copy. This is something that is usually a beginner mistake- but it’s one that can cost you if you’re not paying careful attention to it. Sure, good copy gets your site indexed, but it also defines your site, makes you stand out in a way that personalizes- and furthers your transparency. When it comes to marketing online- transparency is quickly becoming something that has a vast amount of importance in and of its own right.

When writing your copy, you’ve got to think like an advertiser, without being an advertiser. That doesn’t make sense until you realize that you have to be able to have all of the products or services you’re wanting to provide- represented well. These should then be sort of keyworded, and linked to the relevant pages on the site itself. While you have to have all of this information- it still has to be done in such a way that someone could end up on your landing page, give it a quick skim and know what the main points of interest are. If it’s too long, you will lose their interest and they will simply move on to a site where the information they came for is more easily accessible. People are often seeking out the phrases and the words that stand out to them- the things they want to see, or at least a quick way to get to that portion of your site. One way to work with this is in making sure that your titles and headers are properly optimized.

Balancing your keywords within your copy is a crucial aspect of all of this- again, not too much, but not too little, and where are all important factors. If you are writing decent, clean copy that accurately depicts what it is you’re trying to convey, you should not have a problem. Keyword placement will usually be pretty natural to what you are writing about. However, there’s another thing to consider- link baiting. Even if you are not blogging, link baiting is something that needs to be heavily considered in good copy. When your viewers finish reading the text on your pages, they need to have something they take away with them- this may be just some facts they didn’t already know, or maybe just the next steps they should take. But it has to be something that is useful and puts you ahead of all of the others in your industry- something they will think about. So, much like link baiting, this is similar- you’re working on getting the person reading your site to want something, be that more information or a product. Essentially, your copy needs to answer the question: Why would someone want to buy/utilize your services? It should also contain distinct wording that sets it apart from competitor sites, with a clean, clear message and only the bare minimum of keywords used in order to optimize properly.