What Exactly Is Internet Marketing? The Question To Be Answered

bathroom stallIt is asked of me by almost every business we encounter.  What does internet marketing mean? For a long time I struggled with explaining to clients exactly what it is that we do, and how we accomplish those goals. Unfortunately for the standard company looking to get noticed online, most firms that sell internet marketing services feel the need to brand their work with acronyms, and technical jargon. It is not their fault. We do it to. That is why we call our link building services PowerLink.  The trouble with all this is, is that technical jargon makes it very difficult for people looking for marketing to understand.  So I have dedicated a blog post specifically to explaining the process.
Internet Marketing in it’s broadest sense means generating awareness (or sales)  using the online medium. This is no different than a media buying firm that would decide how to best market your business offline. They have many tools at their disposal; billboards, print ads, press releases, guerilla marketing, etc.  In online marketing, we have the same approach but with a different set of tools. Billboards are the equivalent of buying banner ads on different sites, Print ad’s are the equivalent of using *PPC platforms like Google adwords, press releases are almost identical but done with more effective online, and guerilla marketing can be compared to social media marketing.

Many companies come to us and say how to do we get to the top of Google. They have the right idea, but the wrong focus. Wanting to get to the top of Google is like a doctor focusing on how to get rid of your cough. What he should be focusing on is why you have a cough in the first place. That is what internet marketing is all about. It is not about using one tool. It is about utilizing a mixture of all the tools that are best suited for your business. A well rounded approach that can be measured, analyzed and improved upon on a consistent basis.

As a business owner or company, try not to get stuck on one type of internet marketing such as SEO and focus on the bigger picture. The real thing that matters is trackability. The general rule you should always follow in online markting, and offline, when you are focusing on generating sales is trackability.

As an example to this point, if I told you that your business could generate a 100% increase in revenue by canvasing thousands of bathroom stalls in your city with your phone number would you do it? Many would not because of the brand implications, but if you forget about the brand implications for a minute, the next most important question should be if you can track the results. If you can, then you have a formula to see if it works. If it works, you keep doing it, if it doesn’t you try something else.  The way you would do that is to make sure that the number on those bathroom stalls is separate from other types of marketing so that you can see how many calls and business your bathroom stall campaign created. Even better still would be to have a different number tracking and forwarding to you main phone line at every stall. This  way you can see which types of stalls provide the most business in case you wanted to go national with your stall campaign. Eventually you would find that the market demographic that responds to your stall advertising hangs out bars that cater towards 25-35 years old who like rock music in urban areas. Once you have that information all you have to do is stop wasting time writing on all the stalls and just go after the ones that provide a good ROI. Boom! You have an optimized campaign.

I know this was an odd example, but it is an extremely visual example so it gets the point across. The great thing about internet marketing is that it is so easy to track. We can see where people are coming from and if they are turning into sales with relative ease. This data granularity is the holy grail of marketing.

Track—> Analyze—> Improve

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