What Is A Turduckin And What Does It Have To Do With Internet Marketing

turduckinMany of you this Thanksgiving season may stick with the tradition Honey Baked Ham or large turkey, but if I may introduce a novel creation that is sweeping the kitchens of the well informed. Introducing the Turduckin! The Turduckin is a frankenstein of holiday goodness. Part turkey, part duck, and part chicken. I was completely unaware of it’s existence until a friend of mine who is a chef invited us over for dinner the other night. On the table sat what looked to be a miss shaped turkey. It turned out to be a Turduckin. Turduckin comes in several forms, but all of them are comprised of the three meats mentioned above and combined with some sort of stuffing that is then packed in layers and reinserted into the turkey skin. It is quite scrumptious. I recommend you try one if you get the chance.

You may ask yourself what a Turduckin has to with internet marketing? Physically the answer would be absolutely nothing. Metaphorically the answer you be “more than you think.” Many people in their efforts to rise to the top of Google master a specific type of link building and then forget about every other method. I would equate this to sticking with just a ham or turkey. While specialization in most cases is usually a good thing, in link building this simply is not the case. I do not think to many professional would disagree with me that one of the golden rules of link building is to create a natural looking backlink profile. The reason for this is to blend in the sites that develop links naturally from having good content. If you website was developing links naturally. It would most likely not contain 3,000 links 2,999 of which were blog comments. So my question to you is this? Why are you not using the Turduckin method. Mix it up in your link building. Not just your anchor text, but everything. Make sure you are incorporating article distribution, directory submission, email request, press releases and other forms. Even if you question the validity of several of these methods, one thing is certain. If you have a diversified linking strategy many of your links are going to count, and improve your rankings. It is the exaact opposite of what you would expect. The best SEO professional do dozens if not hundreds of comparison tests to find out what works the best. If you tested for yourself that doing nothing but 1000 blog comments on pr3 and above do follow blogs over the course of 3 months would get you top rankings then you could put your eggs in one basket. If you have not done that kind of research for yourself, and are not inside a tight nit group of professionals, then your best bet is diversification.

Michelle Mcpherson just wrote a more detailed article about this issue. Although I have not done a controlled experiment comparing a single form of link building against a diverse experiment. In my experience, any project I have worked on where several link styles were used had excellent results. Perhaps writing this article is incentive enough to do such a controlled test. Maybe it will inspire you to do your own.