What is Long Tail Marketing?

If you’re a small business owner and you wonder how you are going to compete or catch up with those who are already at the top of the ranking- why not try not competing with them? Sometimes, it may be better to use phrases that are not as often used, and aren’t being targeted by those who have a jump on things. Another way to look at it- you can implement both long tail marketing with your other search engine optimization and really make an impact- hitting both the more competitive keyword terms and the less competitive. Finding a balance of the two covers all of your bases and makes things much more broad impacting than they may be if you are simply using one or the other. Using long tail marketing, the odds of getting your page on the front page of a search for those, is much greater.

But what, exactly, is long tail marketing? It is basically a way of using a long string of keywords when going after your target audience- be the potential readers, customers or clients. Instead of only working with one or two single keywords in your online marketing, you instead choose a longer keyword phrase or a whole group of related keywords- and this is where the name comes in. An example would be, for instance, instead of using the keyword: “hotels” you would use “hotel with bar”, or “hotel with spa” or even longer strings of keywords that are more descriptive, more specific. If you’ve ever just typed a question into your search bar, and come up with the very phrase you used in your question- you’re probably looking at someone using long tail marketing.

The key to working with long tail marketing is making sure that you have enough pages to your website to make it happen. With each of the pages, you make sure that you are using less competitive keyword phrases- which does make up for the fact that they aren’t as commonly used. This is an effective way to get things done if you perhaps do not have a stronger budget for internet marketing, basically, though, it requires a bit more effort- you have to make sure that you have enough to come together for a much better overall numbers game. If you’re reading around, you’re probably seeing- niche markets are where it’s at, and this is becoming much more so all the time. The world of online marketing can change very rapidly- and those in the know have been seeing an increase in long tail marketing, namely because it is a more direct approach than others have been using, so it is something new and it does offer a way around some of the more intimidating aspects.

Using long tail marketing is often a more direct approach to things- and being so, it offers more chances that the person who does visit your site is going to want what you have to offer.