What Is Your Website Doing?

There is a big reason apart from just getting yourself proactive that you really want to be sure that your web site has a clear goal in mind- you have to be able to measure the success of the campaign. If you don’t have a goal, how do you know if you’re really succeeding? Assuming you’re just starting out, or perhaps you’re just unhappy with the lack of customers from your website, there are a number of reasons to take a more goal-oriented approach to your web site.

For some businesses, being able to figure out how successful the web site is, is pretty clean cut and straight forward. If you know how many sales you pick up from it, then you probably have a good idea about what your conversions are. However, if your business generates leads or other things from that web site, it may be a little bit more difficult. If you’re picking up clients based on your web site, it’s the same thing. For those of you who aren’t selling products online, this is a vital bit of information- you have to know about your web conversions. This means, deciding on what factors mean success for your website. If you’re an attorney, it may be something like how many “request information” hits you get, how many people call your service and mention the web site, or how many people email through the web site. Anything that you can look at as proof that your web site, is in fact working for you will do.

Monetizing this becomes just a bit more tricky, and in some cases, it’s easier said than done, but in all cases, possible. Ways that you can do this are fairly easy- offer something that will save your target audience time or money. For instance, you can use web coupons, printed from the web site itself, you can offer information on the web site, and instruct them to print said information to bring with them- a time saver in cases where filling out an intake form and the like is needed. I have actually seen many doctors offices using this and it is convenient. No more sitting in the waiting room for what seems like an eternity! It’s brilliant for that.

One of the single best uses that I have seen on web sites insofar as conversion happens to be that form. In this way, physicians know that their site is getting traffic. I have seen some take it so far as offering submission of those forms via email, and then simply signed at the office, as well as other variants. It’s a clever thing for a few reasons- it makes the patients feel taken care of, and saves them time and effort, it enables the doctors to have the information at the tips of their fingers, and in legible, typed format, no less. But, the other factor is, it proves without a doubt that their web site is actually helping their marketing efforts. That’s conversion done well.