What the iPad means to your business

ipad_touch_mock_upAny time Apple releases a new product the media goes wild. And it is with good reason, considering that some of the most successful techy gadgets out there today have come from Apple.  Many believe Apple has single handedly revolutionized how the average person listens to music, handles a cell phone, and now it is about to affect how one reads that very same media hype.

Apples latest innovation is the iPad. If you read any tech oriented news blog you have heard the hype. For those not overly familiar with what the iPad does, you may be wondering if you need to consider this top selling device in your marketing plans.  Here is the great news… absolutely not.

While the iPad can help people find you, the best thing about it from a small business owners prospective is it works to your advantage using channels you already should have in place.  Below are ways that you can be discovered by someone using their iPad.

iPhone apps are small programs that users download to do different things. A quick browse of the app store Apple offers will show you there are thousands upon thousands of apps. If your company has already developed an app for the iPhone, the iPad will also run this app, which will likely bring more traffic your way.

Local search is a big deal if you have a physical location you want people to be able to find.  While the basic iPad does not have a GPS chip like an iPhone, it will still show local results based on the origin of the internet connection.  The iPad with 3G capabilities does have the ability for the user to search for local business based on their specific location and get detailed directions to your front door. If you have put any effort into local search marketing, then you are all set on this aspect.  If you have a physical location and you have not worked on this, doing so should be a top priority.

Lastly, old-fashioned web browsing is done on an iPad just like it is on any computer. The same search engines one would use on their laptop or home computer will pull up results for search strings, allowing iPad users to search on the go.

So in regards to the impact the iPad will have on your digital marketing campaigns, it is only good news.  You may see more results from your efforts, without having to add any extra effort at all to what you are doing right now.

The only way the iPad might affect you is if you do not have local search as a priority in your marketing efforts.  If that is the case, it would be best to get ahead of the game and get that aspect of your plan up to speed so you do not get left behind when the droves of people go clamoring to purchase the iPad if need be.