What Works With Mobile Marketing?

Some people imagine annoying ads being texted to cell phones as the crux of mobile marketing- this is absolutely untrue, and could be a big hindrance in your overall marketing plan. Being able to integrate a mobile marketing plan into your existing on line marketing is a smart thing to do, and the following devices we will explore will show you just why.

Let’s have a look at smart phones and other devices that are already extremely prevalent. You cannot go anywhere without someone at least texting away on a smart phone somewhere within eyesight of you- and these are the biggest heavy hitters in mobile marketing. Everything from a sleek, small smart phone such as the Palm Pixi to tablets such as the Archos Android and then some are perfect formats for marketing plans that pop. Why? The flexibility of these things shows us a pathway to reaching a wider target than simply the internet itself and use at home, on a desktop. I am particularly keen on smart phones as I go nowhere without my iPhone- so you can imagine, how many people use these? According to the unofficial Apple web blog- over 10 million sold in 2008. 10 million people with a marketing opportunity right in their pockets.

The next thing that comes up- and this is something that most people don’t really consider, but mobile gaming is huge right now and has been for years. However, more than just having Mario save the Princess anymore- these have become hyper sophisticated with net access from anywhere and handheld dvd players, as well as MP3 players- when you combine the two you have a powerful medium for the use of viral video marketing and more. There is an enormous potential for marketing as more and more users download apps and use these handheld gaming devices. The key thing to remember in most of these things is that the marketing options jump into the fray with extensions and apps and there are so many developments and improvements being made all the time in this.

The newest and possibly most heavy hitting mobile device that I have not seen much focus on insofar as mobile marketing- on line readers, or e-readers. You can have this device where information is directly loaded to the hand held screen specifically for the purpose of being read- and you’re not taking advantage of this? That really surprises me a great deal because through apps and content extensions, you can really speak to people, and more than that, you can speak to people who have an interest in or really want to hear what you have to say. It seems like a pretty clear case of win-win to me on that one and I imagine as more developments are made app-wise and in the extensions more and more in the marketing world are going to take advantage of these devices in particular.