Why Your Pay Per Click's Not Clicking

clickThere are a number of reasons why your PPC ad campaign just might not be working. If you do a little trouble shooting, you can generally figure out exactly why it’s not resulting in the conversions you’re looking for. The biggest reason that anyone’s PPC just idles in the driveway is definitely lack of effective keyword research. This is something pretty easily resolved, and there are a number of different things you can do to figure out better keywords to be using. Adwords is probably the first that springs to most people’s minds and with good reason, but have a look around- there are a number of different ways you can address your keyword needs, and better tailor your PPC ad campaigns. For a free product, though, Adwords keyword tool is probably one of the best resources that anyone working a do it yourself search engine campaign can use- either in PPC or organic. Generally this will help you to better focus the keywords, and in doing so, have a broader range impact.

If you are using a smaller pay per click- it may just be that there is a case of click fraud going on. If you look at your click to conversion rates and then, when you see that the results don’t make any sense- you can compare that with the results on other search engines to find out which isn’t working the way it needs to be. Working with smaller searches is a great thing, because you’re not throwing in with the massively competitive world of Google, but it may be that if you are using them and it doesn’t make sense that they aren’t working- you need to switch your PPC up a little.

When you begin a ppc- particularly if you are using Adwords, consider opting out of the content network. You’re going to need to initially just focus on other things and it’s better to keep those campaigns a bit separate until you’ve got one moving forward and working out better for you.

What happens once you have the ad, and it’s working- it is drawing people to your site, but for some reason, you’re still not getting the results you want? Have a look at the landing pages. If you don’t have exactly what is supposed to be on that page, right there on the page, you’ve probably lost the potential customer or client on that. These have to take them where they not only want to go, but where they are expecting to go- you might consider creating a landing page for each one of the ad groupings you have out there.

If all else fails, consider that your ad is just a stinker. Test it against other ads by tweaking it here and there and then run them at the same time to see which results in better conversion. Change the headline, work with your keywords a little bit, compare your results and if it is not working- scrap it. If you sort of continually work with the ad, comparing it to the original- you’ll find that as you continue on, making improvements, that you end up with an ad that does bring you better conversions.