Will Google Commerce Search Help You?

Last week, Google unveiled their new enterprise product- Google Commerce Search.

The way that this works for online retailers is that it enables them to set up their storefront, or to boost existing sales in a much better way by making it easier for the user to search for the goods they need. This is going to be a particularly helpful thing this holiday season for those who do offer products online- not so much services, but small to medium businesses that promote online will benefit quite alot.

Another feature that is very useful about this is the fact that you can actually track and optimize the search on this just like anything else, which benefits those using marketing strategy in their listings, but also makes it easier to see what is getting results for year round use. It seems to be set up for ease of customer use, not only offering synonyms for queries and searches, but also spelling suggestions and on the whole, a much faster means of finding the products they want.

From the site, once you have signed up for their search:
• Submit your product data to the Google Merchant Center and Google Product Search. Visit to upload your items via data feeds, direct uploads, or use our API.

• Customize the look and feel of your on-site search engine. Log into the administrative console to manage product promotions, upload synonym dictionaries, and control parametric search options.

• Analyze your site’s traffic and search effectiveness. View custom reports on top queries, special feature usage and more.

And that’s that.
The whole things seems pretty straight forward and does offer this at a fairly inexpensive price, respectively, so it seems as though this may be something that you could use if you are offering products in your line of work. It is also boasting a much faster rate of conversion from visitor to buyer and shows potential for speed of set up. This does offer rather sound and hopeful projections and looks to be something that can really boost online retailer’s marketing in making it much easier for customers to search out products that they need, therefor eliminating alot of hassle. The list of customization options, add ons and benefits here is also impressive and this seems to be a great addition to your website to make the best use of it- enabling shoppers to quickly search through and then purchase exactly what they want, and improve your bottom line.