Working With On Site Search

If you have a website that contains quite a bit of information, this is a service you probably want to consider adding to it- the on site search function. I think it’s also pretty good to consider what you can do once you have this implemented to make it a more worthwhile addition and how you can create a much more user friendly feel to your websites and therefor, increase traffic, promotion and ease of use. On site searches can be very similar to just general web searches in that they all sort of come together in categories based on intent- transactional, navigational and informational. As far as it goes, though- once again, content is king.

Neither transactional or navigational searches are all that popular- informational searches, insofar as web based searching goes, are the most popular. Research from Penn State and the Queensland University of Technology uncovered that of more than 1.5 million individual search queries from over 100,000 distinct users- only about twenty percent of searches were either transactional or navigational, which means what for the web savvy business looking to use a search bar on their site?
Make it about content. Users are searching for information. This means if you don’t have this information there, at the touch of a button, you may be falling short. Having a link tab or some option on your website’s menu is fine- but all the content in the world won’t help if they can’t get to it in the fastest and most convenient manner possible- which, for most would be typing in the keyword, hitting “Go” or “Search” and getting a handy little list of the things you want them to know. I think you can see how this would be pretty valuable in any given buisness that works with an online marketing program, and it’s certainly worth considering.
Before you get to that point, though- it’s a great idea to review search analytics. Google does make this pretty easy to do, if you can find the link- which they’ve stashed cleverly under the Content Tab, then you hit “Site Search”. Or, you can just click on this link and set it up yourself.
Did you catch the subtle “ease of use” lesson I just threw at you? Awesome. Because this is how it works.
And in using the search analysis, you can find out just what sort of content you need to have on your site, and how much that impacts the bottom line. These are some key factors to really making your online marketing work for you, rather than you having to work at it.web2marketingpull