Writing Content that Stands Out: Blogs Vs. Articles

I have said many times in this blog that having great content is a vital part of any website, both for use in search engine optimization but because of the viral marketing implications as well as displaying your own knowledge and earning trust. However, I thought I would take a minute to go into how to write that content, and what sorts of things you are going to want to include, or exclude when thinking about content writing for your promotional websites.

First, before you even sit down in front of a keyboard to write something, you need to decide what it is you are going to write. There’s a vast difference between a blog and an article- and you need to know this. A blog- much like this one that I am writing right now, can be a little more casual and a bit more personalized. An article needs to be factual. It needs to be something catchy, yes, but at the same time, if you’re writing a blog about, say, preparing for a new tattoo- an article needs to be the facts, for example:
An article may say:
Prior to getting a tattoo, be sure that you’ve eaten so that your blood sugar is not low. This can lead to dizziness or even vomiting, or other low blood sugar symptoms. Even those who do not ordinarily have blood sugar issues may find this to be problematic.

Verses a blog post, which may be written from the tattoo artists’ perspective:
Please eat before you come in for your tattoo, I really hate being thrown up on or having you pass out on my equipment.

Granted- most businesses aren’t dealing with those issues, but you can see how knowing the difference and using the difference to punch up your content may be a good idea. Blog posts create a more personal approach- as I said, and they can be a great thing, usually seen as excellent for commentary, a blog can create a great deal of traffic, particularly if you have comments enabled. However, in an article, you need to be less opinion geared, and more about just reporting the situation, or outlining the issue, product or whatever it is you are talking about.

I find that it is often really useful to have sections for both- one, this is a great means to beef up a website, but two, you can show a knowledge and expertise in your articles, and then, a personal spin, a more intimate look into how you feel about the products or services you offer or the things that impact your field. Also, whereas an article is a very helpful, informative piece, some people are not really captivated by a straight line of just the facts and will appreciate a more casual, less sterile approach- so offering both covers both of your bases. Consider having both a blog and a section for articles on your website to really boost your content.