Writing Content that Stands Out: Blogs

_writing1228511911The great thing about online marketing is it does lead to a more personalized experience- with the old way of marketing and advertising, you had an ad in front of you and sure, you might sit around with friends and discuss it a moment- but that was about it. The discussion factor is actually what leads to people remembering- think about how jingles in ads work, if you see an ad on television that has a jingle verses one that doesn’t- the one you remember is the one with the jingle. The same is true of conversational pieces when used in online marketing- the more your content makes people think, and discuss what they think, one, the more traffic you draw, but two, the more they are likely to remember your site later on.

As with any and all content on your site, it should go without saying that running a decent spell check on all you write and publish to the internet is important, it is the same with blogs.

I remember a really great blog by Chris Brogan about writing an “imperfect” blog– this is something I’ve often really wondered about, because I try to put as much information in my blogs as I can. However, there is something to be said for opening the door to discussion and that’s just what a blog is supposed to do. The important thing to do when writing blog posts, however, is to remember that you are displaying what you know- and how well you can wrap your mind around it while balancing that with the openings for conversations and other viewpoints to emerge in your comments.

Writing a great blog that readers actually enjoy is only really as hard as you make it on yourself- you have opinions about your job, your career- your field itself and the things that impact it, and this is how you write about those things. If there is a current event going on that impacts your particular industry, or your business, it’s also a good thing. For instance, recently there have been many blogs about governmental and political changes that impact small business- this is something that impacts a great many who use online marketing, so it is something that almost anyone can have an opinion on to express. It is also something that can spawn more deep, political debate, so you have to be careful with it, but a good caveat on your blog about how opinions expressed in the comments don’t necessarily reflect yours can avert that. The thing is, the more attention your blog gets, the more attention your site will get- as with many aspects of site maintenance, keeping an up to date, conversational blog can be a useful addition to your online marketing campaign.