Yard Sign Marketing? Low Cost, High Reward If Done Correctly

We are going to begin posting on information on some of the offline strategies that are out their which we normally don’t speak about on this blog, but they are pertinent to small businesses and should not be overlooked. Most internet marketing firms speak only about the types of marketing that benefit them in the form of retainers and fee’s. We just want our clients to generate business. If the information that helped them do that came from us. They will probably be coming back. In this particular instance of strategy deals with a little more than yard signs though. Although they can be powerful on their own, if you combine them with internet marketing, they can become a hurricane force. I know someone in the dating industry that makes over 2 million a year of mainly yard signs in a national market. He has built an empire on them.

What are the important pieces of the puzzle when it comes to yard sign marketing?

Yards signs are great lead generators. The key is to get a lot of them in the right places, but have a great follow up system to really bring it home when someone actually responds to a yard sign advertisement . For this I recommend a revolutionary new follow up and lead captcher tool that we have been testing for about a month. It is called Monster followup. you can learn more about by clicking this link –> Automate your phone lead generation and prospecting.

You can review their service and see how it might benefit your company. The key is to develop and automated response system that can captcher the potential interest of new clients and keep a connection with them until they are ready to purchase without expending a lot of man hours. The yards signs combined with Monsterfollowups ability to store the info of those that  call in allow you to track and telemarket the effectiveness of your yard sign campaign. This can also work for door hangers, billboards, and other forms of marketing.

Below is an excerpt from a very informative article about the perfect yard sign from

10 Tips For Designing Yard Signs

1. Single Sided = Double the Results

Yard signs, especially smaller ones, can very rarely be place in a way that both sides are facing targeted traffic. If you are targeting an intersection with a 12×18 inch sign, only the traffic in the lane you are next to will be able to see your 4 inch lettering (4 inch lettering is only readable from 40 feet or less) Generally, you can save 20-40% by using a single sided sign. This means that for every 10 double sided signs you buy, you can buy 12-14 single sided signs.

2. Prominent Colors

You would think this is a no brainer, but I can’t tell you how many times I have seen a black and blue or orange and yellow sign along the side of the road, what was the message? I have no idea. Use one very dark color and one very light color. Use black, red, blue or brown on a white background. Use yellow on a black background. Use white on a blue, green or red background.

color contrasts

Also keep in mind that many people are color blind. Avoid similar colors like blue and green or yellow and green.

3. Keep It Simple (The KIS Method)

The most effective signs are one, maybe two lines of message and a direction, such as a phone number or an arrow. Don’t say too much, the traffic will not read more than two lines of text. If you absolutely cannot say what you do in five words or less, do something else.

  • If you need to put an address on your yard sign, it is only effective if you can put a major intersection, like 72nd & Jones, or North on Center.
  • Include the area code in your phone number only if your city has more than one area code.

4. Use Arrows

If you are advertising a location, i.e. a garage sale, open house, store closing sale use arrows NOT THE ADDRESS. People don’t want to think about how to get there. Get a simple sign and use arrows. You’re safe with arrows as long as both arrows point towards the same edge of the sign. This will allow you to choose the direction of your arrow when you are placing your signs by just flipping it around.

5. Only Use Your Logo If Your Customer Really Knows What It Means

Do not use yard signs for a NEW branding campaign. Yard signs are for someone who is not brand loyal (yet). Tell them what you do and how to get a hold of you, that’s all you need!

Update: It’s not that your logo is a bad thing to add to marketing materials; it’s just that with a yard sign, your real estate on the face is very limited. A logo that does not help the message is a waste of time.

6. Use One Color As Two

If you have a black and white sign, make the message black, and the phone number white against a black block. This is still one color, but reads like two and helps your number break away. See the example below.

example yard sign

7. Stick To Simple, Specific Messages

If you have a full service auto body shop, it’s probably best if you advertise a specific service on your sign. For example, if you want to push your tune up and regular maintenance business, you could say FAST OIL CHANGE – $19.99 and promote the other services when they get in the shop or even promote them on different signs.

8. Use Open Fonts

Fonts like Arial, Verdana and Sans Serif are good fonts to use because they are easily read and distinguished.

9. White Space Means Legibility

You should maintain at least 30-40% white space on your signs. The more white space, without wasting space, the better. Without a decent amount of white space, your sign will become very difficult to read, especially at high speeds.

10. The Bigger The Better

Larger letters means visibility from a greater distance. Use this chart as a rule of thumb. As you can see, a yard sign is not a practical way to target traffic moving much faster than 30 miles per hour.

Speed of Traffic Recommended Letter Height (inches)
55 mph (88 kph) 16.5
50 mph (90 kph) 15
45 mph (72 kph) 13.5
40 mph (64 kph) 12
35 mph (56 kph) 10.5
30 mph (48 kph) 9
25 mph (40 kph) 7

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