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business networkingMost people & businesses think about search engine marketing in the wrong way, or at least not in a complete way. As a  person that gets a lot of calls about wanting to improve rankings for particular search phrases, I came to  understand pretty quickly that most people have no idea how to leverage the true value of a blog. The benefit is more apparent in an industry that is constantly looking for new information, but what about in an industry that most people don’t really care about. What about the plumbers of the world. How does a blog help a plumber? How is a blog going to help an ac repair company? Is anyone going to read it? In this post I am going to outline the benefits that a blog can have to these types of businesses and the different paths a business can go down by using them.

Gaining new customers in odd ways

Search engines are unlike almost any other form of marketing because the cost of showing up in them once you have laid the proper ground work and foundation is relatively nothing when you talk about search terms that  are not competitive. What do I mean by “non competitive”? A phrase like “credit cards” has competitors in the market place that are spending millions of dollars a year to be visible for the terms, but If you search the name of your local church, kids school, a charity, or a neighborhood you are live in then you will find it much easier to get articles you write to rank for those terms if you use your blog right. This gives you an extremely powerful networking tool.  Take our previously mentioned plumber for example. Most business that do have a blog use it to post articles about their profession. That is not a bad thing, but if that is all they may be missing the boat. Let’s say our plumber gets contracted to do the plumbing for a church that has a congregation of 1000 people.  By writing a blog post about the work they did on the church and writing a brief bio of the church, the plumbers blog will have a good chance of showing up in searches that are related to that church.   What would be the impact?

His business won’t change overnight, but over the course of the next year there is a good chance that his website will receive several dozen visitors to his business website through Google by way of his post. If he was to get in the habit of doing this every time he has a chance to engage a new community or group, that can turn into thousands of visitors a month in a very short time. All with no more cost than the time it took to write up the post.

It’s not just churches either, A company blog can be used to write a review of services that were provided to the company. To use our plumber again, if his accountant did a great job on their taxes and the plumber wrote up a quick bio of the accountant and recommended him and let the accountant know. There is a good chance that not only will the plumbers review show up when people search the accountants business, but that accountant will be greatly and may refer business to the plumber directly.

Let Your Blog Help You Reach Further

By posting more than just help tips to your target market, you can dramatically expand the reach your website has through the search engines at no additional cost. What else are good things to put on the company blog? It depends on the size of the company but here are several ideas:

  • Any sponsorships or league’s that your company plays in (Write up a synopsis of how the softball team performed in the league)
  • Any events that are attended like tradeshows, conventions, or expo’s
  • Descriptions of work that is done (Brief overview of work completed with pictures)
  • Endorsements for other businesses
  • Discussions about questions that your customers ask you
  • Job related hiring information

The list goes on and on. The most important thing to remember is that spending time on writing content has a rapidly diminishing return if you are writing the same thing over and over again. Seek to expand the issues you tackle and your business will reap the rewards.

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